Cheap Flight From Melbourne To Sydney

Melbourne to Sydney is the most regular place, people used to travel from time to time and you can choose cheap flight tickets from melbourne to sydney through our booking portal.

You can also book sydney to melbourne

Sydney Airport Information

Airport Central, 241 O'Riordan Street, Mascot NSW 2020, Australia

Melbourne Airport Information

Melbourne Airport, Locked Bag 16, Tullamarine VIC 3043

Avalon Airport, Locked Bag 9, Lara  3212, Victoria, Australia

Essendon Fields HQ, Level 2, 7 English Street, Essendon Fields, VIC 3041

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time does it take to travel from melbourne to sydney on a flight ?

   It takes 90 minutes

2. How many airline options do we have to travel from melbourne to sydney ?

   Sufficient number of options are available 

3. How much of a budget do we need to travel from melbourne to sydney ?

   Depends upon your convenience and affordability

4. What mode of traveling is best ?

   If you want to travel with reasonable price, choose economy or if you want to travel  with extra convenience, choose premium or business

5. How many seats can I book at a time ?

   At a time, you can book 9 seats.

6. How much baggage is allowed to take along with us ?

   It depends on the airline.

7. What is the distance between Melbourne and Sydney ?

   The distance between Sydney And Melbourne is 878 km.

8. When can we book cheap air tickets from Melbourne to Sydney ?

   To get  cheap air tickets from Melbourne to Sydney, you need to book 5 to 6 weeks earlier.

9. Is it possible to book sydney to melbourne return flight at a time ?

   Yes, it is possible 

10 Which month is the cheapest month to fly between Melbourne to Sydney route ?

 Feb is the cheapest month to fly from  the Melbourne to Sydney route and other months you may get  airfares at cheap cost depending upon airlines.

11 Which will be the cheapest airline to fly from Melbourne to Sydney?

Virgin Australia and other popular airlines, you can book the cheapest airline to fly from  Melbourne to Sydney

12 Can I book cheap  air tickets from Melbourne to Sydney below $150 ?

 Yes,You can get cheap flights from Melbourne to Sydney for under $150.


13  What is the best  time to fly from Melbourne to Sydney in a day so that we can avail cheap air tickets ?

You can book at any time in the day  to avail cheap flights from Melbourne to Sydney

14. How do I book tickets on

      Booking air tickets on is easy and we explain in simple steps.

  • Get to the webportal of
  •  Head over to the flight booking page
  • Select your departure,destination place, date of traveling, number of travelers and  class of traveling
  • Choose the preferred airline with a range of available options and book based on your airfare preferences, with this your booking is done. 

15.  Why should I book on

      24x7booking is one of the trusted and leading air ticket booking portals in Australia and worldwide. We provide you the platform where you can book  the air tickets at cheaper and affordable rates.

16. What is the ideal time to book tickets on 24x7booking?

     For the better and cheaper air ticket rates ideally, it is recommended to book 4 to 5 weeks before the traveling date.

17. Do have an app to book the air tickets?

     Yes we have an app, you can download the app, fill the required details and book your flight air tickets to your destination on our app.

18. What are the benefits of booking flight air tickets through an online portal ?

      The benefits of booking flight air tickets with 24x7booking is you can avail coupons and discounts on booking air tickets with us.


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Sydney is the capital city of New South Wales state of Australia and it is being called as cosmopolitan city for its diversity of cultures. Sydney city has many iconic and landmark places to offer for visitors, one among them is “Sydney Opera House”. It is the central attraction and famous landmark of the 20th century of the world. It is hosting many shows which consist of live music concerts, dance, comedy shows  and talks, it has something to offer for each and everyone and it has a diversity of arts in itself. It is located on the beautiful banks of Sydney Harbour. The other adrenaline spot we can see in Sydney is “The Sydney Harbour Bridge” Which is located too close to the Opera House. People fondly call it “ The Coat Hanger because of its shape. From the Top view you can see the Beautiful city at its fullest. Bondi Beach is the most famous beach of Australia for many reasons, it is going to offer for local and visitors of Australia, apart from this we can see many other attractable places like ku ring gai national park, Watsons bay, The Blue Mountains, Sydney Sea Life Aquarium and Sydney has many museums, restaurants and art galleries across the city. 


Melbourne is one of the most livable and culturally rich cities in the world and it is being voted as the best livable city in the world consecutively for the same reason . It is renowned as the coffee capital of the world, serving the finest coffees throughout laneways of the city. The city offers fine talent from all sides of artistic sense and the city council has given green signal to some specific areas to showcase graffiti skills by the artist. Melbourne has many tourist places to visit like National gallery of victoria, Federation square, Melbourne zoo, St kilda beach, Melbourne cricket ground, Melbourne museum, sea life melbourne aquarium, Royal exhibition building, Healesville sanctuary, Yarra valley and Flinders street and the list goes on. Queen Victoria market is located at the heart of Melbourne city. It is the busiest market in Victoria, serving the residents from over 150 years. Melbourne city is famous for its restaurants and diversity of rich cultures and you can see many science exhibitions across the city. The Melbourne cricket ground is one of the biggest stadiums in the world hosting many global sport events regularly